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How to Assemble the PUSH PIPE Pro

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Step-by-Step Guide to Assemble the Push Pipe Pro

  1. Make sure you have the inner metal rod, the colored outer pipe tube, the spring, and the push button mouthpiece.
  2. Place the inner metal rod inside the outer pipe tube making sure it goes in with the threaded end towards the mouthpiece side. Pop in the spring so it fits around the threaded part.
  3. Push down on the mouthpiece with the spring inserted so you can see the inner rod sticking out from the bowl end.
  4. Use your left pointer finger to hold down the inner rod while twisting the mouthpiece button clockwise until it catches the threading. Keep tightening to the preferred length.
  5. Your Push Pipe Pro is good as new!
Step 1: Gather all the components of the Push Pipe Pro Step 2: Insert the inner metal rod into the outer pipe tube and place the spring Step 3: Push down on the mouthpiece with the spring inserted Step 4: Hold down the inner rod and twist the mouthpiece button clockwise Step 5: Your Push Pipe Pro is assembled and ready to use

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