How To Clean A Glass Chillum At Home - Tips and Tricks

As a lover of smoking herbs from glass pipes, everyone knows that nothing beats the taste of smoking from a fresh clean pipe. In order to get the most out of your glass chillum pipe, it's necessary to keep it clean. A clean pipe not only makes smoking more enjoyable, but it also helps your pipe last longer. In this tutorial, we'll discuss the most effective methods for maintaining a glass chillum pipe via simple and safe cleaning methods.

A dirty and a clean chillum

What's a Glass Chillum and Why Keep It Clean?

It's very important to first understand what a glass chillum pipe is. Glass chillums are straightforward and conventional smoking tools that have been in use for hundreds of years, although not necessarily made from glass. Clay chillum pipes were being used by the Sadhus of India as part of their Hindu religious practices for centuries.

Modern-day glass chillums are made out of a straight glass tube with a mouthpiece and a bowl on either end. You put your herb in the bowl, fire it up, and then breathe in the smoke though the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece can come in different shapes, such as flattened or rounded. Many people prefer flattened because it is more comfortable in the smoker's mouth.

The simplicity of cleaning glass chillum pipes is one of its key benefits. Glass pipes do not retain residue as much as metal, ceramic, clay or wooden pipes do, therefore it is only necessary to remove the resin and dirt that have accumulated over time every so often. You'll need a few simple household cleaning items to accomplish this very important task.

Supplies required for cleaning a glass chillum pipe:

  • Alcohol, (Isopropyl or High-proof grain alcohol 70% or higher)
  • Salt
  • Cotton swabs or pipe cleaners
  • Ziploc bag(s)
  • Running hot water

First, clean out the pipe's bowl.

clean out glass chillum bowl

Emptying the contents of the bowl and mouthpiece is the first step in cleaning your glass chillum pipe. Make sure to properly and safely dispose of any leftover herb or resin buildup in the bowl. This stuff tends to stink and grow mold if not cleaned often so it really behooves you to not skip this step.

Secondly, soak the glass chillum.

soak your glass chillum in alcohol

The chillum pipe should then be soaked in an isopropyl alcohol (or high-proof ethanol) and salt solution. If isopropyl alcohol is not preferred, a high-proof grain alcohol from the liquor store like Everclear or Devil's Spring will work just as well. The salt works as a gentle abrasive to brush away any leftover residue while the alcohol aids in dissolving the resin and dirt stuck to the inside of the glass tube.

To do this correctly, just fill a Ziploc bag with a substantial amount of salt and then add just enough alcohol to cover the pipe. To ensure that the solution gets into every crevice of the pipe, tightly seal the bag and give it a good shake. Give the glass chillum at least 30 minutes to soak in the solution. You will notice how the once clear alcohol solution has turned a disgusting brown color (yay for us because we could me consuming that if we're lazy and don't take the initiative to apply these simple e).

Third step- Rinse the pipe out.

rinse your chillum glass pipeAfter soaking, thoroughly rinse the pipe in warm water to get rid of any salt or alcohol residue. Flushing the pipe thoroughly should be done to get rid of any remaining debris or alcohol that may remain. To get to any hard-to-reach spots, use a cotton swab or pipe cleaner, like the one's we sell in our shop.

Final Step: Dry the glass chillum.

air dry your glass chillum pipes

Before using the pipe again, let it thoroughly dry out by sitting in a well-ventilated area (in case any alcohol vapors remain). If required, use a soft cloth or paper towel to pat it dry. Once dry, the pipe should be significantly cleaner than before and can be used right away, for a nice quality smoke that is untainted by old ash and resins.

Additional Tips

To completely remove the resin and grime from your one hit pipe, you might need to repeat the cleaning procedure a few times if it is especially dirty. If you'd like, you may also use a specific pipe cleaning solution that most smoke shops sell, which were created specifically for cleaning pipes.

Do it often.

Keep your glass chillum in pristine condition by cleaning it well after several uses. The more frequently you clean your pipe, the less difficult it will be to get rid of any resin and grime buildup. This is one thing you really don't want to be lazy with, it really puts your health and over well-being in jeopardy. I can tell you from personal experience that my partner hates when I smoke out of heavily soiled bowl. It makes the air smell bad, but it makes you and your clothes smell even worse.

Simply put, maintaining the best possible condition for your glass chillum is as easy as following a few basic steps. One more tip I can add is after your glass chillum has soaked for 10 minutes, take it out and use the Q-tips or pipe cleaner and throw it back into the bag. This will help dislodge any deeply stuck on resins and make better use of the alcohol you used. You can consistently have a clean and satisfying glass chillum smoking experience with a few household items and some old fashioned elbow-grease.

Some Final Words

Just keep in mind to totally let your glass chillum air dry before using it so that you do not inhale any unwanted vapors (even though we rinsed the glass pipe thoroughly already). I know this process can seem annoying, but let trust a professional smoker that it pays off bigtime.

We have customers that buy our less expensive glass chillums in bulk, and I know the real reason is they just can't be bothered to follow the simple steps in this article. Now you know all my secrets and you too can enjoy smoking your old glass chillums like they're brand new again! Stay high my friends!