The "Terrapin Turtle" Handmade Thick Premium Artistic Glass One Hitter Chillum Pipe

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This unique piece is 30-40 grams of heavy thick glass with a one-of-a-kind design! The bowl curves upward so you can put it down without worrying about any of your legal smoking herbs falling out. Made by a master craftsman specializing in artistic glass pipes, this beautiful piece is sure to make a "splash"! Order one for yourself, or make it an incredible gift for a friend that loves turtles! They will be blown away by this functional piece of art!

Each of these pieces is special because none are the same! Uniqueness is the wonder of hand-blown glass. Specially designed glass bubbles on the turtle shell provide maximum grip and comfort in the hand. The unique upright facing bowl means you never have to worry about your tobacco falling out when you smoke! These are next-level nice :)

Please clean/wash your chillum before use! Always use a poker/paperclip to clean out the bowl after use and never hit it against a surface to clear it. Never use a cracked/broken glass pipe!

- Made from top-quality borosilicate glass, our pipes provide a clean smoking experience you can depend on.

- The thick chillum bowls are 100% handmade and handblown glass.


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