The "Sherlock Jones" Handblown Heavy Glass Standing Spoon Hand Pipe

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You will receive a unique beautifully colored HEAVY-DUTY thick glass “Sherlock Jones” Sherlock hand pipe!

Our beautifully designed, unique, professionally hand-blown tobacco pipes are the perfect solution for when you are on the go and you want to enjoy some tobacco. No other glass pipe offers this clean a smoking experience from such an awesome-looking glass piece. These are designed for heavy use and the 4-4.5” length keeps the flames out of your face and cools the smoke as it travels through the pipe.

Why Choose The “Sherlock Jones” Over The Competing Sherlock Pipes?

- The “Sherlock Jones” is made from top-quality borosilicate glass, for a nice clean smoke you can depend on. Extra-large and extra-thick means you always get a stellar smoking experience! Made by experienced glass artists.

- The artisan glass “Sherlock Jones” pipes are 100% handblown glass, made by experienced glass artists.


- Never hit it against a surface to clear the bowl, you can break the pipe that way! Just blow into the bowl once you are done and it should fly out easily.


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