Metal One Hitter Pipe Cigarette Style Dugout Bats 3 Inch Long

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High-Quality Aluminum One Hitter Dugout Pipes - Cigarette Style 3 Inches

Why Choose Our Metal One Hitters Over The Competitors?

Our Cigarette look-alike one-hitters are made from quality metal for a nice clean smoke you can depend on.

- They look and feel just like a regular cigarette, except you only need to smoke one hit!

- While many people think ceramic is better, it's simply not true. Only our metal one hitters can be dropped over and over again without ever breaking. One drop of a ceramic or glass pipe and will explode into pieces!

- Make packing your pipe real easy by always using well-ground tobacco material in a container. Just pack it up by pushing it down on the material and light up immediately!

- Add a pack of cleaning brushes to your order so you can make them last!

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