Handmade Random Color Glass Elephant Tobacco Hand Pipe, Bowl, Glass Pipe, Spoon

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Approximately 3.5 inches nose-to-tail, and weighing around 50 grams. Each pipe is carefully handblown using premium glass rods. This is functional art!

Super unique design that stands up perfectly with its feet! The trunk of the Elephant acts as the perfect draw hole for this awesome piece. This beautiful pipe is handmade with many rods of special boro glass. This style is unique to our shop and is available in super limited quantities. 

Please clean/wash your pipe before use! Always use a poker/paperclip to clean out the bowl and never hit it against a surface to clear it (so it doesn't break). Never use a cracked/broken glass pipe!

Our beautiful artisan-blown tobacco pipes are the perfect addition to your collections!

- Our pipes are made from top-quality glass, for a nice clean smoke you can depend on.

- The thick bowls are 100% handmade and handblown glass.

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