Glass Chillum Pipe Reusable One Hitter Smoking Tube Bat

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Our portable and discreet straight-cigar style chillum tobacco pipes are the perfect solution for when you're on the go and you only need just a few hits to satisfy your cravings.

Why Choose Our Glass One-Hitter Pipes Over The Competitors?

- Our pipes are made from top-quality THICK glass, for a nice clean smoke you can depend on it.

- They look and feel just like a blunt cigar, except you only need to smoke a few pulls!

Smart Tips From the Pros...

- Since our pipes look and feel just like a glass cigar, you may be tempted to bite down on the pipe. We suggest only using your lips around the mouthpiece as using your teeth can harm them because the glass is so strong and thick.

- When taking a hit, use your tongue to act as a blockade in case any tobacco material falls through the bowl end and goes through the pipe. It's easy to do and you'll thank us if it ever happens to you!

- Make packing your pipe real easy by always using well-ground tobacco material in a container. Just pack it up by pushing it down on the material and light up immediately!

- Have a toothpick or a paperclip handy just in case you need to clear the bowl easily or unblock a clog in the pipe.

Customer Reviews

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Debbie Braeckel
They are great!

Thank you!
They are wonderful!



Alfred Francia

Thank you and you guys rock man had my order within days very satisfied

Mis Leading

This item has been around Cali fro decades. But not a high quality like this. Used for many items even (holding) cigarettes, to help smoke cool temperature. This is not a 1 hitter. My husband & I share about, 10 normal 'tokes' of grinded material , each fill up!

Anon GiLL t.
an amazing quality & design

I found randomly at a smoke shop, I overpaid. This website has items that look like a Real smoker designed. I use chillum in my bong it's amazing. I am an expert roller , but u need a bong in-between, it regulates how much u u$e and gives u ability to take 1 hit. None of my Bowls compare , the standard shape (funnel- ish) is cheap. Chillum is perfect shape also I learned. I wipe after every few uses , it's sparkly clean. . FYi remove ash constantly. My technique is fill (top) HALF (grinded) , less ash to maintenance.

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