Brass Metal Hand Pipes With Screw On Caps and Free Screens

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Mini Metal Hand Pipes and Caps with Free Screens!

These metal mini pipes with screw on caps are excellent small pipes that lasts forever. You can take them apart and clean every single piece of the pipe to keep your smoke shesh optimal. Comes with a cool and unique pattern and awesome colors. The color tube on the outside of the inner pipe keeps your hands cool even if the pipe gets hot from use. There's no carb so you apply a flame and inhale your preferred material. So simple to use and yet so effective!
- Our metal mini hand pipes are made from quality metal, for a nice clean smoke you can depend on. Safe to heat and smoke tobacco/legal herbs with.
- Pipes can be disassembled completely for easy cleaning. The multipurpose bowl can be used 2 ways (with cap & without cap)
- These are wind resistant if you keep the cap on! The hole in the center of the cap allows flame through and keeps burning nice and smooth!

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