5mL Glass Jars with Lids, Professional Puck Containers For Dabs, Wax, Oils

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Looking for the perfect quality 5mL glass jars with lids and foil liners for your DIY needs? Our premium jars are perfect for DIY makeup, lip balms, herbal salves, golden globs of rosin, bubble, dry-sift, sauce, diamonds, wax, and anything you want! These glass jars with lids help your products look so professional that it's guaranteed to increase your Return On Investment.
  • High-quality black food-grade glossy plastic screw-top threaded lids with foam liners for an airtight seal
  • Thick-walled 5mL glass jars with lids - over 20g of glass!
  • Beveled rounded interior with no sharp corners
  • Jar capacity of 5 mL or 1 gram
  • Jar height with lid on is 1", jar diameter 1.0-inch; jar mouth opening 0.8-inch
  • Maximum lid label diameter 1 inch (round label). Base label inset space 1-inch diameter.

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