The "Wavy Gravy" Small 3 Inch Chillum Wig Wag Silver Fumed Art Glass Pipe w/ Flat Mouthpiece

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You'll receive a beautiful clown-themed color Wig Wag pattern. Each one is silver fumed and it changes color with usage!

Approximately 20-25 grams of heavy thick glass with super unique Wig Wag design with a nice deep bowl. Beautiful piece made by a master craftsman specializing in art glass. 100% Handblown functional art glass tobacco pipe! Each one of these pieces is special because none are exactly the same, the wonder of hand-blown glass. It is designed for maximum comfort in the hand and mouth. These are the perfect gifts for your friends and family members known for wearing tie-dye shirts and tailgating in parking lots on Shakedown Street!

- Our pipes are made from top-quality borosilicate glass, for a nice clean smoke you can depend on.

- Detailed line work on this very unique chillum make it a real collector's item.

- The thick chillum bowls are 100% handmade and handblown glass.

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