What is a One Hitter Pipe?


Today we're going to talk about one-hitter cannabis pipes. If you've lived under a rock for the last few years, a one-hitter is a small pipe designed to hold about one hit of cannabis flower, any legal herb, or tobacco. They come in many different styles, shapes, and materials, but most commonly these days, you'll find them made out of glass or metal.

What is a One-Hitter?

One-hitters are shaped like a straight tube, with a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other. Pack the bowl with ground-up cannabis (or tobacco, or legal herb of your choice), light it up, and inhale. It's like smoking out of a standard pipe but with a smaller, more discreet smoking tool.

Types of One-Hitters

There are a few different types of one-hitters out there. One common type is called a chillum. In fact, chillums are thousands of years old and were traditionally smoked vertically by making a fist and placing the piece between your middle and ring fingers. You then inhale through an opening created by your index finger. However, especially nowadays, chillums are mostly smoked horizontally like a regular pipe.

Another type of onehitter is called a dugout. Dugouts are devices with two chambers: one for storing a small amount of pre-ground cannabis and the other for a one-hitter pipe. The one-hitter is pulled out and twisted into the cannabis chamber, efficiently packing it. Once packed, just fire it up and it should finish the entire bowl in just one rip. Not too shabby!

How to Use a One-Hitter

So, how do you use a one hit pipe? To be honest, it's pretty simple! Just pack the onie pipe fairly tight with ground-up cannabis (or tobacco/legal herb), angle it, flame it, and inhale as you would a regular pipe. It's very important to angle it up, so the cannabis (or herb) doesn't fall out of the bowl since it's a straight tube. If you're smoking a traditional stone or clay chillum, you'll want to smoke it vertically through a closed fist to avoid this issue. However, since most people use glass and metal chillums these days, just angle it up and light it with a regular gas lighter. Never use a butane torch with a chillum or one-hitter, because you have to point the torch towards your face which can lead to unwanted burns and burnt facial hair or eyebrows!

Benefits of Using a One-Hitter

So, what are the benefits of using a one-hitter? Well, for starters, they're incredibly discreet. Due to their small size, one-hitters can quickly and easily be hidden out of sight in a pocket or the palm of your hand. If you're looking for a low-key smoke sesh, you can't go wrong with a 1 hitter. Plus, when lighting a one-hitter that is painted to look like a cigarette, it looks very above board like you are lighting a traditional tobacco cigarette. In our store, our cigarette-style one hitter pipes are one of the best sellers, because so many people love how discreet the whole process is, and they're usually what you need in your dugout (4" or 3" dugouts use 3" and 2" one hitters, respectively).

One-hitters are also great for conserving your stash. When smoking a joint or out of a pipe or bong, it's easy to pack the whole bowl and finish it all. Depending on the size of your bowl, this can potentially use up a lot of your supply. One-hitters allow you to use only a little bit of weed (or tobacco) at a time and help conserve your smoke by making each hit a mindful action. You're less likely to over-pack or over-smoke. Additionally, unlike a joint, a one-hitter will go out after a hit or two and won't burn until it's done like a joint does.

Finally, one-hitters are great for micro-dosing. By taking more minor, more accurately sized hits, you can dial in the effects of your cannabis experience. Microdosing is an excellent way to moderate consumption and conquer the day without losing too much functionality.


So there you have it, fellow smokers! One-hitters are a great way to enjoy your cannabis in a discreet, conservative, and controlled way. They come in cool designs, from beautifully blown glass to metal cigarette lookalikes. Just remember to be careful with the lighter; angle it up, and never use a torch unless you like the smell of burning hair LOL.